We supply the full range of Discus from "DISCOVERY" soft vinyl discus for introducing children to the event safely to IAAF certified implements used at the Olympics.

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Jurgen Schult Ultimate Spin Discus
For high level throwers. Rim weight 83%. Strong re-inforced polycarbonate plates. ..
Ex Tax: £115.50
Hyper Superspin Discus
For top level throwers. Rim weight 82%.Strong reinforced polycarbonate plates. Very high spin ..
Ex Tax: £115.50
Skymaster Discus
For top level throwers. Rim weight 72-75%. Strong reinforced carbon plates. Gold and silver..
Ex Tax: £114.95
Space Traveller Discus
For top level throwers. Rim weight 90%. Strong reinforced carbon plates. Black chromed stee..
Ex Tax: £189.70
Nishi Super High Moment Discus
For top level throwers. Precision engineered in Japan. Rim weight 80%. Fibreglass reinforced s..
Ex Tax: £295.00
Polanik Carbon Discus
For top level throwers. Steel core, brass rim, carbon sideplates. Supplied with discus ba..
Ex Tax: £109.00
Odyssey Discus
For serious throwers. Rim weight 91%. Stainless steel rim with strong plastic side plates. ..
Ex Tax: £66.00
Gold Discus
For serious throwers. Based on the world famous Cantabrian gold discus. Rim weight 87%. Brass rim wi..
Ex Tax: £53.00
Super Spin Black Discus
A good quality discus for the serious thrower. 85% rim weight. Steel rim with strong ABS plastic ..
Ex Tax: £60.00
Ultimo Discus
For intermediate or veteran thrower. Rim weight 83%. Stainless steel rim, with strong reinforc..
Ex Tax: £26.20
Olympia Super Spin Discus
For intermediate or veteran thrower. 80% rim weight. Steel rim, with ABS plastic side plates. Availa..
Ex Tax: £22.65
Slo-Spin Discus
For Stadium competition and developing throwers.75% rim weight. Steel rim and strong ABS plastic ..
Ex Tax: £15.00
Competition Plastic Discus
For stadium competition and developing throwers. Steel plated rim with strong plastic sides. ..
Ex Tax: £23.05
Challenger Discus
For stadium, club and school, competition and training use. 73% rim weight with blue ABS plastic sid..
Ex Tax: £11.00
Purple Club Discus
For stadium,club and school use. Suitable for competition and training. 70% rim weight. Fantast..
Ex Tax: £9.90
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